A very special human gifted me with a laptop recently, something I’ve never owned and possibly the reason its taken me so long to put finger to keyboard. The reason behind this gift? Well to share my posts with not just that special human but with whoever happens to possibly maybe be curious enough to wanna catch a glimpse of what I get up to.

How I’m feeling? well the photographic evidence says it all I think,  I’m jumping into the unknown, uncertainty is arising but sure look, what’s the worst that can happen? ill give it a bash, I’ll ride the blog wave 🙂

My name is Ciara Lily O’Connell and if you haven’t already guessed I’m from cork. My wild heart has drawn me to the Wicklow hills and I don’t believe I truly found myself until I landed here two years ago. I suppose through this writing space I hope I can provide stories and moments others can connect with as I live a more spiritual simplistic life and continue to feel more alive and inspired every day.



hope you enjoy,

stay wild lovelies,

That Cork One







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