Anxiety, my old friend.

A recent post I shared on IG. With everything we see on social media I feel its so important to be honest and share the darker feelings that may not be highlighted.

It was a busy week juggling work, life and Yoga Teacher Training. Between exams, assessments, deep pranayama and meditation a lot of emotions surfaced that I was unaware I had been carrying. I couldn’t sleep or eat and frankly didn’t want to speak to anyone, I was expecting far too much of myself. It even made me question the path I am taking. Yoga teachers surely can’t feel like this.

Yesterday I was assessed as I taught a class focusing on movements of the spine. In the lead up I had the biggest knot in my belly. But as soon as I sat with my group and started listening to my own words there was an immediate shift in energy. ‘ As we sit here in stillness notice what thoughts arise, acknowledge them, but come back to your breath’. There was a magic feeling. Yoga has been medicine for me not just for my mind by for the physical body also. And it is now clear for me that this is my path and I want to share it with others.

I understand how anxiety comes and goes, I understand through my YTT journey I’m gonna peel back the layers and discover so much about myself. I know it will be emotional but I’m just gonna try to simply allow things to arise and unfold naturally instead of worrying and formulating expectations. Anxiety isn’t something that will just disappear, It’s how I choose to control it is the remedy. Only I can make these decisions.


and yet I find myself back at the oceans edge again, breathing…in, and out.


T H A T   C O R K   O N E






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