What does Yoga mean to you?

‘What does yoga mean to you?’, a question that popped up in a recent assignment.

The magical thing about yoga is that it is unique to each and everyone of us. When I was first introduced to the world of yoga  I assumed it was all just challenging asanas. But truth is, physical asanas are just a small part of yoga. It is an open ended spiritual practice.

Yoga has changed my life in more ways than I could every imagine. I needed a new form of therapy for Arthritis. Medication was  failing me so I was become more aware of how movement could be the medicine I really needed. So I tried my very first yoga class. Actually I’m lying. A few years back I attempted a class in Brisbane. Which I hated, I was in out of my dept in a class that was far too advanced for me. I felt like everyone was watching how shit and uncomfortable I was. I swore it was first and last. I’m rambling, back to my, well,  second ever yoga class. Which I decided to give a go at home, where I felt most comfortable, my safe place, where no one could judge.  I really wanted to give it another go and to try and approach healing my body holistically.  And what surprised me most is how it has taught me to be make peace with who I really am.

If I could give any advice it would be to try not to feel intimidated by yoga. Your practice each day is going to be different. Some days my practice will be coming to my mat for an hour or so. Some days my practice is meditation by the sea. On hectic days at work, I might find myself in the walk in fridge at work taking a moment to practice breathing.  Some days I cant sit still at all and other days I find myself curled up on the couch with a tub of nut butter. But I have accepted now that this is okay, because on that day, at that particular moment, that practice was perfect for what I needed and that is yoga.

Yoga has healed my mind, body and soul. It has changed my life by allowing me connect with my body. I have found that yoga has this innate capability to balance me. It  has made me feel my best and taught me to love myself fiercely in all forms.

I am now feeling inspired to teach and share yoga as a path to health, healing and happiness. I am looking forward to this spiritual journey and cannot wait to share it with you.


T H A T   C O R K   O N E



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