Liquid Energy

For me daily visits to the sea the cove in Greystones Co.Wicklow acted as a form of cold therapy to relieve aching joints. What I was gaining from this natural form of therapy was not only physically beneficial but more importantly mentally. The exhilarating rush I was experiencing from plunging in the wild Atlantic sea was heightening my sense of existence.

It wasn’t long before our little swimrise family evolved. A group of like minded people down at a small cove in the east coast of Ireland gathered each morning to embrace mother natures daily performance. Whether it be a powerful wild morning, 50 shades of grey style or a serene morning with a sky bursting full of colour and life, we always feel more alive and carefree once the daily fix of vitamin sea is had. Its an escape and whats most interesting is that there’s a whole other world below us that we forget exists. Although an occasional appearance from the local seal Sammy can often draw shrieks and a fast paced swim to shore from some of the family.

Liquid energy, pictures for instagram, upside down humans, bodies stretching, elements embraced, stories shared, memories made, children laughing, worries drowned, food tasted. Coming together for a swim or even just having a chat after over a warm cup of tea provides a real sense of togetherness. What joy it brings. Its the perfect mixture of what I have to come to value most in life, friends, community, seizing the day, challenging yourself, connecting with nature and igniting your spirit.

On these Winter mornings as the sun creeps above the horizon my body shakes, but I am calm and a warmth inside me ignites and I instantly feel connected to were I am. These Winter days also bring later sunrises and the reality that I cant make swimrise everyday due to work. This only makes my body crave the ice cold liquid energy even more.

I often get asked “are ye mad?”, to be honest we probably would be if we didn’t do it 🙂


So I encourage you to get your butt to the sea and exercise your will power,

the challenge will empower both your body and mind.


T H A T   C O R K   O N E 












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