Drowning in plastic, the documentary that literally broke my heart. Our blue planet is facing one of its biggest threats in history. And day to day we are blatantly destroying our beautiful planet and killing they amazing creatures we share it with.

I honestly feel like we have gone to far to reverse the effects we have caused, but without question we have a global responsibility to step up, make positive changes and maintain at the very least, if not improve the current state of the planet. With this being said, I wanted to try an organise a little get together with friends and thought what  better way than a beach clean up at sunset.

One thing never fails to amaze me is the sexy sunset displays that happen in Brighton. Its this immense powerhouse that seems to draw the whole of Brighton to the beach. This, I thought could be a way to get peoples awareness in a not so in your face kinda of way that has the ability that to piss people off. So I posted on instagram and just thought, regardless of whether anyone comes or not, I’ll just do a big one myself. Everyday that I go for a dip I try to pick up 3 pieces of litter, hence the #3fortheSea movement. I was curious to see if I could lure some friends in, so I may have coaxed them with chocolatey goods.

12 beautiful humans showed up and collectively we removed one large box of litter from Brighton and Hove beach. One less box of shite in our oceans. People like this, who are willing to come and give there time to protect the environment are the kind of people who give me faith in humanity. Having group beach cleans can also raise awareness. It felt pretty good to have some passers by on the beach ask what we were doing and for them really appreciate it. Some appreciated it so much we even noticed they began to pick up some litter too. Through us sharing and posting our experiences on social media, we can also allow people to become aware of this problem and to inspire the reduction of the consumption of plastic.

As we sat on the beach for a few hours after, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of community. What a way for like minded people to come together and do something positive. To sit at the waters edge and watch the blazing sun fall below the horizon and to drink our body weight in hot chocolate.

If I could give you any advice this week it would be to try and watch ‘Drowning in Plastic’ the the BBC iplayer. It might give you a shock but more positively allow you to feel inspired to  make a change.


Happy Monday Lovelies,

T H A T  C O R K  O N E




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