From one coast to another

Oh hey, its been awhile. I took a little break from reality. But somehow that break turned into a lengthy absence. I had just become comfortable sharing my little life stories with you and now this break has me feeling all nervous again.

So much has happened in the passed few months, with some travelling adventures, a country move, a new job and beginning Yoga Teacher Training to name a few. I thought I was ready to pour some love into this blog again, but I just couldn’t seem to do it. I would open up WordPress, draft about 7 different posts full of rambling content and blah, get frustrated with myself, overthink, shut my laptop and figure I would try again another time. So here I go, vowing to make a comeback to sharing some stories, as natural and as honest as I can possibly be.

” I wasn’t gonna say it babe, but now that you’ve mentioned it, I really think you might need to start getting to the sea again“.

This was my partners way of politely putting it to me that I needed to drown the crazy. I needed to take a little part of my day and dedicate it to centering myself, taking the plunge ( quite literally), connecting with nature and feeling more human again. Truth is, I think I was feeling a little lost. I had left the blissful cove of Greystones, in Wicklow. A small sanctuary on the east coast of Ireland. There’s a whole lot to be said about the people you surround yourself with. And the humans I shared this sanctuary with, my friends, the inspirational positive energies from all walks of life, that I swam and watched the sunrise with, well they weren’t here. I wasn’t as motivated to wake up at the crack of dawn and I didn’t feel like me. Did I forget to mention I’m training for a marathon? what possessed me to sign myself up for this? I haven’t got a notion, I’m still trying to figure that one out! but I was using my free time to train for this. No wonder I was gone a little crazy, there had been a lot of change in my life, I felt out of sorts in my new home and I was running for what felt like miles and miles. What was familiar to me was living so close to the sea, being able to take myself there and control how was feeling. I had been neglecting that. I had been cheating on the sea, with something that wasn’t particularly fulfilling me. I was missing that igniting feeling inside, that feeling of being alive when you dive below the water surface. It was time for change.

Brighton is my new home. The water is on my doorstep and I will make a conscious effort to get to it everyday. Here’s to letting the sea breeze flow through me, calming my thoughts and energizing my spirit so I can be the best me. Even my partner thinks Im more human now again. Oh and the icy water has been good therapy for the aul legs after running 🙂

I’ve heaps to share with ye, I cant wait.


T H A T  C O R K  O N E






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